From Us, to Dear Prospective Clients

From us to you.

From Us, to Dear Prospective Clients

Dear prospective client,

Thank you for taking the time to show interest in what we do. At SCCA we are passionate about the field of therapy. We all went into this field because we are very interested in the change process and helping people heal from whatever brings them pain. Counseling can mean different things to different people, so here are a few things that we would like you to know about counseling with us.

  1. We consider you the expert on you.
    While we have lots of training and experience in the counseling field, we will never be more of an expert on you then you are. We try to help you by first learning about you, and respect your expertise along the way.

  2. We are not uncomfortable with your pain.
    Engaging in counseling can bring about painful and often avoided emotions. As a culture, we don’t do very well with difficult emotions, and many people may encourage you to push your feelings away or minimize them to try to make you think they aren’t that bad. While we are here to help you manage your difficult feelings, we will never run from them. We’ve been in the field long enough to be very comfortable with the most difficult and raw emotions.

  3. We are not here to judge or analyze you.
    When some people think of therapy, they sometimes envision Freud on the couch, picking apart everything you say and figuring out everything you’ve done wrong. That is just not us because we know this approach isn’t what helps people get better. Instead we try to collaborate with you and be on your side, taking on whatever brings you pain together.

  4. We see your vulnerability as your greatest strength.
    The very act of picking up the phone and scheduling an appointment can make you feel pretty vulnerable. But asking for help is actually one of the bravest and strongest things you can do and we have so much respect for the simple act of reaching out when you need it.

  5. We really like what we do.
    We’re often asked questions like, “How can you do what you do? Isn’t it hard to be around pain all the time? ” But for us, getting invited into a person’s inner world, and helping him or her get better is truly one of the most moving experiences. It is an honor every time, and something we are truly passionate about. We all went into the field very thoughtfully and purposely and truly believe it is our calling.

And that's it! We're four colleagues and friends who share a vision and goal of caring for and helping people in the best way we can offer. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for considering inviting us into your life. We wish you the best in your path to wellness!


Courtney, Joy, Megan, and Sarah